Custom Centrifuge Control Systems



Control Craft provides control panels for custom centrifuge control systems, for automatic and manual control for the recycling of drilling fluids in oil field applications. We use NEMA rated steel enclosures typical sizes up to 60” in length, 60” in width, and 18” in depth, which are powder-coated, painted, or stainless steel. Control systems are 3 phase, 480 VAC, to 200 amps, with sheathed and shielded 4/0 AWG cable. With components such as VFDs, PLCs, touch screen displays, line reactors, and disconnect switches. Special features such as air conditioning, heater control, and air purge systems are also available.

All controls are fully assembled, tested, UL approved, and include shrink tube wire numbering system to add durability and ease of maintenance for years of use. We offer quick lead times usually two to three weeks, and ship locally and worldwide. For more information see the table below or contact us directly.

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Custom Centrifuge Control Systems Capabilities

Product Name Centrifuge Control
Product Description Controls centrifuges used for oilfield or industrial use, hazardous or non-hazardous areas.
Services Design Assistance
Drawing Type Accepted AutoCAD
Capabilities Applied Mounting Equipment on Control Panel
Placement of Entries
Terminating Wires
Enclosure Material Steel
Enclosure Length 60 in
Enclosure Width 60 in
Enclosure Depth 18 in
Enclosure Color Gray
Enclosure Finish Powder Coated
Resistances Water
Enclosure Rating NEMA 3R
PLC Types Allen Bradley
Components VFD
Touch Screen
Line Reactors
Disconnect Switches
Voltage 480 VAC
Phase 3
Current Up to 250A
Wire 4/0 AWG
Cable Sheathed
Labels Shrink wrap Custom Wire Numbering System
Special Features Air Conditioned
Heater Control
Air Purge System
Testing Continuity
Motor Driven Fixtures
Standards Met UL
Industry for Use Oil Field , general industry
Volume 80 per year
Packaging Truck
Delivery Time 2 every 3 weeks
Delivery Location Worldwide