Explosion-Proof Panels



Control Craft has the expertise and experience to design explosion-proof panels and enclosures, including pressurized & purged systems (types X, Y & Z) and other intrinsically safe systems. For over a decade, we have built products that strictly comply with the NEC Explosion Proof standards.

Summary of NEC Explosion Proof Rating System

Class 1 environments have concentrations of flammable gas or vapor that are high enough to be explosive.

Class 2 environments have concentrations of dust that could be considered explosive.

Division 1 environments have hazardous gas or vapor in the air during normal operation.

Division 2 environments only have hazardous gas or vapor in the air in the event of a rupture, failure, or malfunction.

Group A environments contain acetylene.

Group B environments contain hydrogen or gases of equivalent hazard.

Group C environments contain ethylene, ethyl ether or gases of equivalent hazard.

Group D environments contain acetone, alcohol, ammonia, benzene, benzol, butane, gasoline, hexane, lacquer solvent vapors, naphtha, natural gas, propane, or gases of equivalent hazard.

Group E environments contain explosive metallic dust, electrically conductive dust, or dust with a resistivity of less than 100kÙ-cm.

Group F environments contain explosive carbon black/charcoal dust or dust with a resistivity between 100Ù-cm and 100kÙ-cm.

Group G environments contain explosive dust with resistivity greater than 100kÙ-cm and electrically non-conductive dust.

Source: National Electric Code

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Custom Explosion Proof Control Panel Specifications

Panel Material Cast Aluminum
Painted Steel
Stainless Steel
Industries Served Aerospace
Automated Door
Material Handling
Metal Machinery
Oil Drilling
Equipment Automatic Wire Cutting Machine
Digital Multimeter
Wire Number Printer
Compliances Class 1, Division 1, Group B,C,D
Class 1, Division 2, Group A,B,C,D
Class 2, Division 1, Group E,F,G
Class 2, Division 2, Group E,F,G